Adding tags to a scene

Cómo agregar tags a una escena

Aprende a agregar tags a una escena para brindar más información y obtener conocimientos más profundos sobre sus partidos. Las tags son útiles para filtrar escenas más rápido y se utilizan para generar gráficos. 

What are tags and what is it useful for?

Tags can be attached to each video clip you make in FL-UX and it is a useful tool for organizing potentially a large number of video clips. Tagging video allows you to categorize video clips and browse them much faster. Additionally, these tags are used to generate statistics, which gives another angle to view your game footage. 

There are two ways to add a tag to a scene. Creating a new scene or editing an existing scene. Either way, the actual tagging happens at the same screen.

 Once you find the moment in the video, click on the “New Scene” button.

There are three types of tags you can add to a scene. These are the event tags, the player tags, and the pitch tags. 

They are all located beneath the video on the control panel.

Event tags are located on the left side of the control panel and they can be filtered using the color code to only show a certain category of tags.

Event tags are totally customizable to say what you want. Depending on the way you set up the tags, you can add “Options” to each one, which is the outcome of the play. Please read the Tag Customization page for more information.

Players tags are located in the middle of the control panel. 

Depending on how you prepared this video, it will either have no display, list view of players, or registered formation as shown. 

Bottom buttons (“Red” and “Blue” which are sample teams for the demonstration) switch between two teams. You can also make a substitution to the lineup during the analysis by clicking on the substitution button. 

When you click on the substitution button, it will take you to the screen that is shown here. 

To make substitutions, click on the player to be subbed off and the player to be subbed on to change the lineup. 

Click on “Register” at the bottom right to complete the action

Pitch tags are located on the right side of the control panel. To tag where the play occurred, click on the pitch diagram to mark the location. 

Finally, to complete the tagging action, click on the send button located on the bottom right.

Additional resources

Check out our tag customization page to learn how to create event tags that meet your analysis needs.

Learn how to prepare a video to more effectively analyze your games. This page goes through how to add game information to the videos. These include date and time, match type, home and away teams, and starting lineups.

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