Combining Video Footage with real-time tagging

Cómo combinar video con real-time tags

Ahorre horas de tiempo de análisis aprendiendo a utilizar la función de real-time tagging y a combinarla con metraje de vídeo.

why should i use the real-time tagging feature?

The real-time tagging feature on FL-UX allows you to begin the tagging process during the match to cut down on the game analysis time after the match. By using this feature, you can share and communicate about the match with players and the coaching staff much faster.

To do real-time tagging, you must create a “Match” or “Practice” event first. I will demonstrate the real-time tagging process on a smart device on this page since it is likely that you will be using a smartphone or a tablet during the game. 

Please refer to Video Preparation for Game Analysis to learn how to create a “Match” or “Practice” event.  

Once the event is made, click on the “Real-Time Tagging” button that is listed as the third option from the left.

Once you click on “Real-Time Tagging”, it will take you to this page. On a tablet or PC, the display will look a little different compared to the picture that is shown here. 

Because the software saves the timing of when the tags were created, I recommend starting the real-time tagging process by clicking at the start of the half tag at the top left corner.

When you click on the Pitch Tag icon that resembles the pitch, it will take you to this screen. 

Here tap on the location where the play happened and tap on the green check at the bottom.

When you click on the Players Tag icon, it will take you to this screen.

Here tap on the player(s) that were involved in the play and tap on the green check on the bottom right.

Once you are finished with tagging for the play, tap on the Send button at the bottom right.

Continue this process during the game or practice.

Once the game or the practice has finished, go to the home page and click on the three dots on the match or practice card. When you click on the three dots, it shows three buttons.

Click on “Upload Video” to upload the video footage and combine it with real-time tags.

**Uploading videos to FL-UX can only be done on a PC or a tablet. Videos CANNOT be uploaded from smartphones. 

When you click on “Upload Video”, it will take you to this screen. Here click on “Add Video File” and choose a file to upload from your device.

If you have multiple video files to upload, click on the “Add Video File” button that will be located under the video file. 

To combine the real-time tags and the video, first, click on “Show All Tags” which is located towards the left side of the screen.

Next, click on a tag to reference and sync with the video. I recommend using the start of 1st half tag because it is typically the first tag that is made. 

Play the video and pause at the start of your tag. If you are using the start of 1st half as the reference, pause the video at the kick-off.

Finally to combine the real-time tags and the video, click on “Synchronize” which is located on the bottom right of the video.

Once the real-time tags and the video have been synchronized, click on “Upload” at the bottom right of the screen and allow the software to upload and process the video. 

This might take a while depending on the file size. 

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