Registering teams and players

How to register teams, player, championships, and practice types

Aprende a crear y registrar equipos, jugadores, datos de partidos y entrenamientos. Todos estos son etapas necesarias para realizar un análisis profundo del juego con contexto. 

Why should i register teams and players?

Registering teams and players add more data point which you can use to better organize and analyze your game footages. It is very useful to be able to filter many scenes by players that were involved in the play to better coach and review plays. Both teams and players must be registered to do this type of filtering. 

To register teams and players, start by clicking at the three dots on the top right corner from the home page.

Next, click on “Master Data Management” which is listed as the third option.

Click on “Team / Player Master Data” which is listed as the second option to create new teams and players, or make edits to the existing information.

From this screen, you can either add a new team from the button at the bottom, or you can choose to make edits by clicking on the three dots on the right side of each team panel.

When you click on “+ Add New Team”,  it will take you to this screen. Here you can type the team name and abbreviation. Also, you can attach a thumbnail image.

Click on “Finish” at the bottom right to create the team.

Next to register players, click on the three dots on the far right, and click on “List of Team Players”

Once you get to this screen, click on the “+ Create Player” at the bottom to register players.

Similar to adding a new team, here you can type player name, abbreviation, number, position, and attach an image if you choose to do so. 

Click on “Registration” at the bottom to add the player.

Continue the last two steps to build up your roster in FL-UX.

Additional Resources

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