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How to create scenes

Learn the most basic action of the game analysis in FL-UX. All analysis steps start with creating scenes. Scenes are where tags and sketches get attached to. 

How to prepare a video for game analysis

Learn how to prepare a video to more effectively analyze your games. This video goes through how to add game information to the videos. These include date and time, match type, home and away teams, and starting lineups.

How to register teams, players, championships, and practice types

Learn how to create and register teams, players, match data, and practice data. All of these are necessary steps for conducting in-depth game analysis with context. 

How to add tags to a scene

Learn how to add tags to a scene to add more information to gain deeper insights into your game. Tags are useful for filtering many scenes faster and it is used to generate statistics, which gives another angle to view your game. 

How to customize tags

Check out how to customize tags to learn how to create event tags that meet your analysis needs.

How to add sketches to a scene

Learn how to add sketches to a scene to more effectively communicate with your coaching staff and players with the use of graphics. FL-UX offers a variety of sketching tools to highlight your thoughts on the video directly.

How to collaborate with others in FL-UX

Learn how to invite and add users, such as coaching staff and players to collaborate with others in FL-UX.

How to create and share playlists

Playlists are a useful tool to gather selected scenes in one location to give team meetings, presentations, and create highlight videos. Playlists can also be exported so that you can upload them to other platforms.

How to combine video footage with real-time tagging

Save hours of analysis time by learning how to use the real-time tagging feature and how to combine it with the video footage.

How to view the data generated form tags

FL-UX generates statistics and organizes video clips by event tag, player, and creator of the scene. This video goes through how to view the data generated by tags. 

Shortcut Keys Tutorial

Are you tired of clicking buttons on the screen? Learning to use shortcuts keys can speed up your workflow in FL-UX.