Creating different practice types

How to register teams, player, championships, and practice types

Learn how to create and register teams, players, match data, and practice data. All of these are necessary steps for conducting in-depth game analysis with context. 

why should i create different practice types?

Creating different practice types allows you to better organize and filter through your practice footages. Practice types can be categorized into shooting practice, 1v1 practice, crossing, etc. This information adds more data points to your video so that you can analyze them using a wider range of tools.

To create different practice types, start by clicking at the three dots on the top right corner from the home page.

Next, click on “Master Data Management” which is listed as the third option.

Click on “Practice Type List” which is listed as the third option to create new practice types and make edits to the existing information.

From this screen,  you can either add a new practice type from the button at the bottom, or you can choose to make edits by clicking on the three dots on the right of each practice type panel.

When you click on “+ Add Practice Type”, it will take you to this screen. Here you can type the practice name.

Click on “Registration” at the bottom to create the practice type.

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