Creating Scenes

How to create scenes

Learn the most basic action of the game analysis in FL-UX. All analysis steps start with creating scenes. Scenes are where tags and sketches get attached to. 

What are scenes and what is it useful for?

In FL-UX, scenes are short clips taken from the original video and saved within the software. All analysis steps start with creating scenes. There are two reasons why you would want to create scenes. One, it allows you to jump to the moments in the game instantly for you to review, tag, sketch, and add a comment.  Two, scenes can be used to create a playlist to share with the coaching staff and the players. 

Once you are in the video, click on the Create Scene button that is located on the bottom right of the control panel.

When you click on the Create Scene button, the blue control panel will appear beneath the video.

Here you can make adjustments to the length of the clip and review the clip instantly using the playback control.

You can also add tags and sketches from this step. Please refer to Adding Tags to a Scene and Adding Sketches to a Scene pages for more information.

To adjust the length of the scene, click and drag the white dots on the Scene Time Bar to adjust the start and the end of the scene. As you move the dots, the video frame actively changes so that you can find the exact moment to start the scene.

If the default time scale of  +/- 15 seconds is not large/small enough, you can change it to a larger/smaller time scale from the drop-down menu that is located on the right of the Scene Time Bar.

To review the scene, use the playback controls that are located on the left side of the blue control panel. 

From the left, you have “play from beginning”, “skip -5 sec”, “one-frame back”, “play”, “slo-mo”, “one-frame forward”, and “skip +5 sec” controls.

Once you are satisfied with the scene, click on the Send button at the bottom right of the control panel.

To make an edit to an existing scene, first, click on the scene from the list of scenes that are located on the left side of the video. Then click on “Edit” which is located towards the bottom right.

You can make edits to the scene by going through the same steps when you made the scene.

Additional Resources

Learn how to add tags to a scene to add more information to gain deeper insights into your game. Tags are useful for filtering many scenes faster and it is used to generate statistics, which gives another angle to view your game. 

Learn how to add sketches to a scene to more effectively communicate with your coaching staff and players with the use of graphics. FL-UX offers a variety of sketching tools to highlight your thoughts on the video directly.

Playlists are a useful tool to gather selected scenes in one location to give team meetings and presentations. Playlists can also be exported so that you can upload them to other platforms.