How to Use Shortcut Keys

What are shortcut keys useful for?

Shortcut keys are a useful tool to increase your game analysis productivity while using your laptops and desktops. They allow users to perform certain actions such as fast forward, rewind, tagging, creating scenes, etc. without clicking buttons on the screen. It is an effective way to speed up your game analysis workflow in FL-UX. 

These are the preset shortcut keys that you can start using right now. As you can see, most of the playback controls can be performed with these keys. 

Here are more shortcut keys to speed up your workflow. 

As noted in the image, the option tag can be keyed in by pressing shift and number up to 10 options. Small font should appear on the button to indicate the shortcut keys on the screen. 

Event tags can be customized to your key of liking. 

To create you own shortcut keys, click on the + button on the tagging board and enter the tags editing screen

Select one of the existing event tags or create a new one. 

Click on the box below “shortcut key” and type your preferred combination of keys.

Click on “register” before exiting.

Return to the tagging board. You should see the code for the shortcut key you have just created in a small letter on the event tag buttons