Tag customization

How to customize tags

Check out how to customize tags to learn how to create event tags that meet your analysis needs.

why should i create custom tags?

Creating custom tags allows you to highlight the information you are looking for after analyzing a game footage. FL-UX has a set of default tags, but I recommend creating a fully custom set of tags and set it up the way that makes the most sense to you.

Tags terminology

There are three levels of tag information in FL-UX. These are “Category”, “Event” and “Option”.

Category is the top-level, these can be things like “Offense”, “Defense”, “Set Plays”, “Goals”, and so on.

Event is the type of play that happens on the field. These can be play types, such as “Shot”, “Cross”, “50-50”, etc.

Option is the outcome that you can set to the Event Tag. For example, for the Event Tag “Shot”, the options can be things like “On-target”, “Off-target”, “Blocked”, and other possible outcomes that you would like to track.

To customize your tags, first, create a “Match” or a “Practice” event and upload a video. 

Once you are in the video, click on the Tag button that is located on the bottom left of the control panel.

Next, click on the “+” button to edit or import Event tags.

When you click on the “+” button, it will take you to this screen. Here you can either choose to import certain Event Tags or edit/customize them.

To import certain tags, select the tags and click on “Add to Tag Board” which is located on the bottom right.

To edit/customize the tags, click on “Edit Mode” which is located on the bottom left.

When you click on “Edit Mode” it will take you to this screen. Here you can make changes to Category tags, Event tags, and Option tags. 

To edit a category, click on the small edit icon at the top left of each category section.

To create a new category, click on the “+ Create New Category” button at the bottom by scrolling.

When you click on either the edit button or “+ Create New Category”, it will take you to this screen. Here you can name the category and choose a color. 

Click on “Register” to update the category or create a new one. 

From the main tag editing screen, you can also make changes to the Event tags. 

To create a new Event tag, click on the “Create New Event Tag” button that is located at the end of the list of Event tags at each category section.

To edit an Event tag, simply click on the event tag to be edited.

When you click on “Create New Event Tag”, it will take you to this screen. Here you can name the Event tag and set the default length of this tag.

Default length is useful to speed up the tagging process and minimize the adjustment time of each scene length. 

Click on “Register” at the bottom to create the new Event tag.

When you click on an existing Event tag, it will take you to this screen. here you can make changes to the event name, default length, and add/edit Options.

To add a new Option, click on “Add Option” at the end of the list of options. 

To make an edit to an Option, simply click on it and update.

Scroll down and click on “Register” to save the changes.

Once you are done customizing your tags, click on “Close” at the bottom right of the main tag editing screen.

Select all of the tags you want to show up on the tagboard while analyzing a video.

Click on “Add to Tag Board” at the bottom right to import the tags to the main analysis screen.

From the main analysis screen, you can edit the layout of the tags to be displayed on the Tag Board. 

To do so, click and hold one of the Event tags. It will start shaking and you can click and drag to customize the layout. You can also delete unwanted Event tags here.

Once the layout has been set, click on “Finish” at the bottom left of the screen to return to the normal state. 

Additional Resources

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