Video preparation for game analysis

How to prepare a video for game analysis

Learn how to prepare a video to more effectively analyze your games. This video goes through how to add game information to the videos. These include date and time, match type, home and away teams, and starting lineups.

why should i prepare a video for game analysis?

The main reason to prepare a video for game analysis is to add information and context to the video. This way, you can analyze the game more effectively and produce useful data. 

There are three main preparations you would want to do for each video footage. These are time and date, home and away teams, and starting lineups.

To begin the preparation steps, click on the “+” button on the bottom right of the home page.

Then either click on “Match” or “Practice” depending on the type of video you are preparing for. 

Both events go through similar preparation steps, but since “Match” has slightly more information you can add, I will demonstrate the process for “Match” on this page. 

When you click on “Match”, it will take you to this screen. Here you can type the display name (name of the video that will show up on the home page), date and time, game category, home and away team, and the sharing setting (private, public, or a specific channel/players).

To set the starting lineup, click on either “Home Player Registration” or “Away Player Registration”.

When you click on either “Home Player Registration” or “Away Player Registration”, it will take you to this screen. 

To choose the formation, click on “Formation” near the top and choose a formation from our extensive list of pre-set formations.

To register the starting lineup, click on the position and choose the players from the left side of the screen. The order in which you click does not matter. 

Once you have entered all of your desired information, click on “Register” at the bottom right to create the event.

Next, click on the upload video button to upload the game footage.

Just to note here that video info button allows you to make edits to the game information.

Once you click on “Upload Video”, click on “+ Add Video File”, which will take you to this screen. Then click on “Select File” to upload a video from your device. 

If you have multiple video files for the same game, you can click on “+ Add Video File” that will appear beneath each video file.

Once all of the video files have been selected, click on “Upload” and allow the software to upload and process the video. This might take a while depending on the file size.

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